One of the best thing of being in Smart is the availability of technology for massive use. Although mostly are in beta, Smart always gives the consumers the first in mobile technology.

After the birth of Twitter, the first micro-blogging service that Filipinos got hooked-up, Plurk became one of the most widely used service. It reached the community of bloggers, online gamers and others who are just cyberadicts.

The trend in today’s mobile technology is it’s capability of getting a faster, wider and more affordable means of communication. Smart Communications, the leading mobile provider in the country, introduced last year it’s newest system integrated to all prepaid and postpaid subscribers with 3G capable phones – Uzzap!

Uzzap let’s you communicate with your online friends through Yahoo! Messenger and MSN. So wherever you are so long as you’re with Smart 3G, you’ll never get offline with your loved ones! is another social networking site that let’s you connect with your other social networking sites such as Twitter, Plurk, Multiply, Friendster and Bright Kite. It also gives you access to your Yahoo! Messenger device.

So with your Uzzap connected to your Yahoo! Messenger account (you must add first pingdotfm to your YM friends list in order to post messages) then connected to the YM portal of your account (pingdotfm), you’re all set to post your Plurks anytime, anywhere absolutely for FREE!

So stay being Smart and get that edge of getting all the benefits of Smart technology!

To know more about Smart’s Uzzap click here. For, click here. For Plurk, click here.

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