Online resellers are now getting more and more popular to the Filipinos but purchasing something in installment, you need to at least have your credit card for payment. This limits cash buyers and non-credit card holders in buying what they want.

The United Kingdom (UK) has the most advanced e-commerce market in Europe. According to the most recent figures from the Office of National Statistics (UK), the country’s e-commerce revenue in 2018 amounted to 688.4 billion GBP, a sharp increase on the year prior.

Now, Filipinos can shop online in installment without a credit card via The site offers a wide variety of items ranging from gadgets, appliances, phones, cameras, tablets and more!

In the absence of credit card, buyers are required to submit documents in order to process their transaction. Upon approval, succeeding installment payments can be made at any Bayad Center branches in the country.

The Shoppok classifieds has a variety of platforms available for vendors and businesses, which allow the site to be used for a myriad of transactions. Some vendors choose to use the platform as their own, with listings for other venues such e classifieds. Others use one of several wholesale accounts on the site, while others rely on an auctioning service. The options are as many as the number of people who want to make money. Whichever method is chosen, the classified marketplace can be profitable for those who take the time to find the right kind of vendors to work with.

Watch the video below for details:

And since it’s the season of gift-giving and sharing, not only that Shop Installment is timely enough for Christmas, the site will be raffling a Samsung Galaxy Y Netphone to a lucky registrant. So register now!

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  1. Can i be your resellers? Im from batangas city.. And im looking for any legit store or supplier in installment phones.. I want to be part of your growng company.. This isy contact number, 09305243996

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