Dead kid wakes up at own funeral spreads as Facebook spam


The most recent local news about a kid waking up at her own funeral in Zamboanga del Sur made rounds in the social network landscape. The news is trending enough for spammers to leverage on it on their recent click-jacking attack.

We recently stumbled to this Facebook spam featuring similar news about a boy waking up at his own funeral. Further research leads to an old news where a dead boy sit up and asked water at his own funeral in Brazil. The news back in 2012 was resurrected recently after a similar event happened in the Philippines and is now a hot topic online.

The spam mimics Facebook layout with an image of the video. Users won’t be able to watch it unless they opted to like a certain page.

Make sure that you verify the links and Facebook pages before clicking and ‘liking’ them or you may find your account spamming your friends the next time you log in.

Install an antivirus software as well on your devices where you are browsing your social accounts to block dangerous links and downloads.

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