First company in the Philippines to improve productivity through personalization with SAP Screen Personas

SAP SE(NYSE: SAP) had announced that JG Summit Holdings Inc., one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines, went live on SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori. This implementation makes JG Summit the first company in Philippines to implement both SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori to modernize user experience and empower greater enterprise mobility.

JG Summit wanted to spruce up its existing front-end system, Robinsons Retail Store Application Launchpad, to improve productivity, and at the same time, enhance the user interface to excite employees who perform day-to-day operations on the system.

Using SAP Screen Personas, JG Summit recreated a simple and intuitive interface that has dramatically reduced the number of days taken to log a repair request from an average of five to two days and the number of screens and clicks needed to create a maintenance order from 12 to two and five to one respectively.

With the refreshed Robinsons Retail Store Application Launchpad, each transaction performed by employees is well-documented, saved and easily retrievable, making reporting and tracking of end-to-end workflows a breeze.

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In addition, JG Summit also deployed SAP Fiori for its petrochemical business, JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation, to provide managers with the power to manage workflow requests from internet-enabled smartphones and tablets. With SAP Fiori, managers can approve purchase orders in three simple steps, and track purchases in real-time from anywhere and at any time. This new flexibility not only improves productivity but also assists in shortening the turnaround time for certain operation-critical tasks.

“Technology is a game-changer and a differentiator that will set companies apart from competition. At JG Summit, we believe in investing in the right technology to help employees do their job simpler and faster. By simplifying complex processes into straightforward steps, it improves efficiencies and productivity, and creates a better experience for employees. Ultimately, our goal is to establish an enterprise-wide, collaborative platform for all our employees through SAP applications on mobile,” said James L. Go, Chairman of the JG Summit Group.

Commenting on JG Summit’s forward-looking plans to improve productivity and embrace mobility, Darren Rushworth, SAP Managing Director for Philippines expressed:  “Increasingly, we are seeing customers in the Philippines adopt SAP solutions to run their businesses better, smarter, and simpler. While consumer technologies have long focused on the user experience, enterprise vendors like SAP have realized that people are an equally important factor in design. Now, more employees are getting the same level of simplicity from applications in the office as those that they use at home.”

Moving forward, JG Summit aims to extend the use of SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori to other business groups. The team at JG Summit’s Center of Excellence is working hand-in-hand with local Information and Technology teams to propel the business towards improved levels of efficiency.

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