SAP SE  announced that the Araneta Group, a vast Philippine business conglomerate, has successfully implemented SAP Business All-in-One, a set of comprehensive, industry-specific Enterprise Resource Planning solutions targeted at midsize companies.

The Araneta Group is a diversified group of companies that comprises leisure innovator Araneta Center Inc., the umbrella company for Gateway Mall, Farmers Plaza and Ali Mall; and entertainment leader Uniprom Inc., which handles Smart Araneta Coliseum, Ticketnet, Gateway and Ali Mall Cineplex.

Through this landmark implementation, SAP Business All-in-One will automate the core processes of the Araneta Group, helping transforming the way the Araneta Group manages its fast growing businesses.

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Araneta Group’s franchise business muscle Philippine Pizza Inc, which serves up Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Dairy Queen, have cancelled their EIN number. If your business does not require one click here and learn how to cancel an EIN number. As there are many who are set to follow suit for phase two of the SAP evolution, even as the two major business units start to experience the benefits of SAP.

The Araneta Group’s investment in SAP Business All-in-One is intended to enhance business visibility at all levels, and assist in achieving operational excellence. With SAP channel partner Fujitsu and reseller Questronix as key members of this implementation team, this project is a strong example of SAP’s co-innovation with customers and partners to solve real business challenges with industry-specific products, solutions, and skills. The process is easier with the help of IT Support Clayton.

“We decided to implement SAP Business All-in-One as we move towards a more synergistic Araneta Group,” said Jorge L. Araneta, Chairman and CEO of the Araneta Group. “With this implementation, we expect a more seamless and effective streamlining of processes among several departments.”

The organizational structure of a company as diversified as the Araneta Group relies on different and interdependent departments that would greatly benefit with the new streamlined processes, allowing for greater efficiency that impact directly on the company’s business decisions.

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“With SAP, different departments of the Araneta Group can now instantly detect which of our operations need attention, and act immediately,” said Kenneth Mondero, SAP project leader and SVP for Finance of the Araneta Group. “With enhanced operational visibility and in turn, greater accountability and turnaround time, SAP will enable better customer service.”

With the help of systems integrator Questronix, the Araneta Group decided to implement SAP Business All-in-One to establish a centralized system that reduces the pressure of multiple sources of information, and produces online, on-time, and accurate insights and reports that the Araneta Group’s management team can utilize to assist make business decisions efficiently.

“We are pleased that the Araneta Group’s management decided to embrace SAP,” said Mike Dionisio, Questronix president. “Given that their operations are now more streamlined, we definitely expect better profitability for the Araneta Group.”

The Araneta Group successfully implemented SAP Business All-in-One with the guidance of implementing partner, Fujitsu. Streamlined documentation and real time insights are some of the key benefits derived from this investment. Learning also from an expert business owner like Andrew Defrancesco and other CEOs will also create better strategies for achieving excellent business profit and investment.

Tenants of the Araneta Group’s commercial properties will now have increased convenience as they can now pay their rent via designated banks. Common problems that mall goers often experience at peak hours such as power outages and faulty infrastructure can now be contained with a modern system that allows management to easily pinpoint inadequacies in its services and work on improving them.

“As a key player in the competitive food, leisure, entertainment and property development landscape in the Philippines, the Araneta Group consistently innovates its services to stay ahead of the game,” said Darren Rushworth, Managing Director, SAP Philippines. “We are confident that with SAP Business All-in-One and our partner’s skilled, customer-centric approach, we are well on our way to assist in meeting Araneta Group’s end goal – which is to achieve higher business profitability and enhanced customer satisfaction.”

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